Quilty Silo Barns #1 – #4

As if the Quilty Barns weren’t cute enough, Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet added a new Quilty Silo Barn to her Quilty Barn Along.  I think she is planning 9 blocks, but I may just make an additional three.  Here are the first four.  I made the barns all different colors.  And I put little characters in the barn windows –  I just love the little pig in barn #4!








And now, I think I am caught up with the Quilty Barn A Long – Yippee!!!


  1. You certainly ran with this quilting project straight to the finish line. Love all the fabric selections this whole process.

  2. Oooo… the peas and carrots is pretty. I like the animals in the hay loft.
    Chris =]

  3. Okay…I need to get brave and try this! Which block do you think is the easiest, for a newbie?

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