Retro Rebel Girls With Attitude

When I saw the latest issue of Mollie Makes, I decided to make dolls #5 & #6.  The instructions and the patterns seemed a bit unclear when it came to the head, so I added a bit of a neck – too much I think.  And, of course I deviated from the pattern further by using yarn for the hair, and googly eyes instead of felt.  I actually used felt, but mine looked a bit funny, so I opted for the googly eyes.  And what’s a Retro girl without her pearls and apron? Oh, and since Chris has been talking about the play Wicked and wanting a green baby, green was on my mind.  I reached in my quilt stash and pulled out this pretty green for one of the Retro girls.  A bit odd (both of them), yet oddly cute…



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– Linda