Joining The Quilty Barn Along: Barn #1

Well, I finally decided to join in the fun of Lori Holts Quilty Barn Along.  I noticed several fellow bloggers, Holly at Cotton Pickin’ Fun and Heather at Vintage Grey participating, and it looked like too much fun to pass up.  Of course I’m a bit behind, but that won’t deter me.  I made an additional block to the one that goes on the side of the barn – I’m sure I’ll have use for it when all the barns are done.  So, here is my Quilty Barn #1:



  1. You are off to a great start, Linda!

  2. Hey Linda! Love, love, love this block. Your choice of colors is just charming! I am a few blocks behind and I need to catch up. They are so easy to assemble that I could catch up in a few days if life would just stand still for a while 🙂 I can’t wait to see the others when you finish them. You have given me inspiration to pick up my little squares of fabric and finish my blocks! I can’t wait for Lori’s reveal! Keep posting your progress and happy sewing, Holly

  3. Ohhhhh, this a very cute block! Love it!

  4. Love your fabric selections. You are humming right along with your quilt blocks. Good for you! Always in awe of your sewing/quilting talents.

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