First Estate Sale

Hmmm, I’ve been following a few wonderful bloggers that frequent estate sales, find the most interesting things, and create even more interesting things with their finds.  Well, of course I’d have to have a go at it, and wouldn’t you know it, I came across an ad for an estate sale, and off I went.  The sale started at 8:00am, I arrived at 8:15am, and stood behind five people to enter the house. I felt a bit uneasy, like I was intruding… Images of the scene from A Christmas Carol came to mind, where the old ladies are going through Ebenezer Scrooges material goods… The lady in front of me turned, smiled, and I asked her about estate sales…And she explained a few things…  This was an estate of her friends parents.  The family had chosen whatever they wanted, and the rest of their estate was being liquidated.  Orphans needing new homes…  Ok, feeling a bit better… Step into the house, lots to see, but I zero in on the holiday craft supplies.  The atmosphere was positive, upbeat, and happy.  I left with a bag of things and a feeling of goodwill… My first estate sale.



  1. Once you get started, you won’t want to stop. My husband got me hooked. I was a frequent antique flea market store shopper, but estate sale prices are so much better. Happy shopping!

  2. I love the vintage Christmas things too in fact back in the day I had some of those angels with the harps, don’t know where they went. I’m sure in your part of the country you have good sales up here in Alaska everyone left all their stuff behind when they moved and I rarely find vintage. Thanks for visiting my blog. Nan

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