Blythe Physical Challenge #74 “Who Do You Love?”

I’ve been looking for something to do with my “girls”, and found this fun Flicker Group called “Blythe Physical Challenge”.  Every two weeks, they come up with an idea wherein you are challenged to photograph your Blythe doll in real life human situations and places.  At the very least, it gives me a chance to play with my dolls, improve my photography skills, and stretch my creativity!

This weeks challenge is to take a photo of Blythe in public showing who she loves.  This  being my first challenge, I ventured out as far into “public” as my front driveway.  It’s just as well since I was flat on my belly still in my pajamas trying to get the best angle for this shot.  As I am doing this, I’m thinking to myself, OMG, I am turning into a crazy doll lady!!! Kind of like the crazy cat lady, but not as bad ;-). Just kidding – no offense intended to all the crazy cat ladies out there.  My sister is a crazy cat lady…


I call it “A Mother’s Worst Nightmare”.  Of course, Olive (my newest Blythe) has to fall for Raphael, the teams “bad boy”.  Aside from the fact that he lives in a storm sewer, and didn’t go to college, he’s not so bad I guess… at least he’s one of the good guys, and  doesn’t sport tattoos or plugs – wait, he doesn’t have ear lobes!

I always wondered why I kept the boys toys after all these years. I bet they never thought their mom would be playing with them now ;-).

If you want to join in the challenge, head on over to the Flicker Group. Oh, and here is a funny discussion about how many cats you need to qualify to be a crazy cat lady “How many cats do I need to get to become a crazy cat lady“.


  1. This is funny for your first venture out into “public”. I photographed my Blythe, Verity, once outside in the garden wearing the red/white/blue outfit I had made. Since I live in a Senior Village, I felt like a total *doofus*!!! LOL But who cares if we’re having fun??!!

  2. I so want a Blythe Doll !! The photo is great.
    Chris =]

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