Officially A Thrifting Enthusiast

Well, I can say that I am officially a thrifting enthusiast!  Even dear daughter has joined me in this somewhat amusing pursuit.  We have different interests, but it is really fun to have a companion to go thrifting with.  We got past the musty smell, and the need to wash/hand sanitize our hands pretty quickly :-).  DD has even found popular You Tube videos of converting thrift finds into cool outfits and accessories – she has yet to put this knowledge into action.  Anyhow, here are some things that I found recently. I love the retro Dickson figurines, and vintage puzzles in cans:


I’m thinking this green angel might even be a cute Saint Patrick’s day decoration.  And I found this old children’s book with the cute illustrations (always thinking of the digital angle):


I love crafts, so when I came across this binder full of old craft leaflets, magazines, and catalogs, I was thrilled!

Thrifting_Feb2013_3And, there is an odd side to all of this.  It seems sad and strange, but we have come across lots of old photos and albums still with photos in them.  When I think that these photos once belonged to someone, and now just sits in the corner of a thrift store, it kind of makes me sad that there weren’t family members or friends interested enough to keep and cherish them… Well, DD and I decided to buy one of them, and brought it home.  I am of Japanese descent, and we found this album full of photos from a Nisei Week celebration from the ’70s.  It shows photos of a parade with the queen and her court as well as the Japanese American War Veterans.  DD and I are thinking of mailing the album to the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles:


This is about it for our recent thrifting adventure.


  1. Linda,
    You made me laugh when I read the part about the urge to use hand sanitizer. That is so me when I am thrifting or antiquing. Or out shopping actually! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving the nice comment. I sure do appreciate it. Now you get going on that doll Missy!!!

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