A Manzanita Branch…

I have always admired my neighbors manzanita branch that she has suspended over her counter in her beautiful kitchen.  Well, after Dear Daughter asked me to keep the Christmas Tree up all year to decorate it for all seasons, I had an idea.  I decided to get a branch, and decorate it.

Branch1Big manzanita branches are not easy to come by, so I improvised.  With the help of my friend Maria and her truck, we collected a big branch from an empty lot in town, and hauled it back home.


I have no idea what kind of tree it is… DH was not too thrilled to have a tree branch in the house, so for the time being, it is “curing” in our back patio.


Considering we live in a ’70s ranch, I will have to trim the branch to size and figure out a way to make it look nice in the house 🙂