AAUW, Math Science Conference, & U of R

I recently had lunch with a friend that asked me, “What do you do to keep occupied?”. Well, I seem to be asking myself that very question more and more these days.  My youngest, dear daughter will be graduating HS soon and moving off to college in the fall.  I chose to stay home with all three of my children, and am now at that fork in my life… not sure which way to go and/or what to do. For now, I keep busy enjoying DD’s last year home, lunching with friends, being creative, and joining organizations with a cause.  So, I spent the day with my local chapter of the AAUW getting ready for the Middle School Girls Math And Science Conference.  We had a walk through of the venue, The University of Redlands.  Yes, our little town boasts a University.  It’s a quaint private school, and I took my camera with me and got some pics.  I even played with my manual mode, aperture setting, and tried being a bit creative by taking some angle shots:

Some artsy things on campus:


Winter in California:


Do you see the water droplets?


Very Southern California: Palm trees


The Admin Bldg:


Memorial Chapel: Snow capped mountains in the distance:


Trying to be creative here:



Unfortunately, the U of R is not on DD’s list of schools – It’s apparently too close to home…