December Garden 2011 – Wrap Up

Just wrapping up my 2011 garden post for December.  I took these shots, and never had the time to post them.  Here is my dormant vegetable garden waiting for spring planting:

This one  is of our dog Hiro under the grape vines.  This year will be the first year they will be allowed to fruit – yay!

And here are our lovely avocados – delicious!

I thought I would add this one.  It took me half the day to trim the pygmy date palms and New Zealand flax, and here are the results of my efforts; I can now see across the pool:

The rare color in my December garden – an ivy geranium, in my favorite color, pink!

And finally, the first crop of Mexican limes. They are tiny, but sooo juicy with a wonderful aroma and flavor:

2012: I will post about my garden, but probably not on a monthly basis.  Thanks for visiting!

A New Year, New Beginnings?

It has been over a month since I posted, or even looked at my blog.  The holidays have kept me busy, but as it wound down, it also gave me time for deep reflection.  So much has gone through my mind the last few weeks.  Middle age, and so many unanswered questions… As 2011 was my year of “Living Artfully”, I have decided 2012 will be my year of “Spiritual Rediscovery/Renewal”.  Of course, I will still continue with my artful life.

As part of this spiritual journey, we have started attending our local place of worship.  One of the things I found amusing was our  “words for the year”. There was a basket full of words, and we randomly picked one.  My daughter got “Surrender”.  Her first reaction; “OMG mom, now I have to listen and do everything you say?!”  – I thought it was funny :-).  My word is ” Enthusiasm” – very appropriate as I have been lacking it the last few weeks.  So, with a renewed sense of purpose, I will go forth on my spiritual adventure.  I am also planning on catching up/finishing up past projects as well :-).  A Belated Happy New Year to you all!