Drawing Lab 2011: Christmas Tree

This is finally the last Drawing Lab assignment, to draw a Christmas Tree.  I wanted to draw our very own Christmas Tree, but as is usually the case, life gets in the way.  With both boys home, and the hectic holiday season, I decided to draw Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. I like it for it’s simplicity and meaning:

Merry Christmas Everyone! And God Bless!

Jeannie’s Art Beads

My art instructor, Jeannie Dukic of the Drawing Lab is not only a talented artist, but also a very talented jewelry designer.  She offered her beautiful art beads to us as a challenge in making our own jewelry.  Here are the beads she sent me – handmade polymer clay beads with real gold leaf:

And here is what I created. A bracelet and earring set. I love to combine metals; gold and silver:

Thank you Jeannie for providing me with such beautiful beads to work with! 🙂

Bird A Week Challenge: Weeks 51 & 52

Well, this is it.  I started the challenge with the best intentions.  Somewhere along the line, coming up with a bird a week idea became a challenge in itself.  So, to finish off, I drew a  partridge in a pear tree, and two turtle doves:

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #15

Well, I thought this was our last drawing lab.  There is one more, and our official last lab was to be the traveling journal.  Well, I got it, and sent it on to the next student in Germany, and it got lost – on my watch…  Maybe one day, it will reach her.  So, for my second to the “last” lab, I drew a partridge and a pear tree:

Bird A Week Challenge: Weeks 49 & 50

Just two more weeks of this challenge? For week 49, I am featuring a bird in a basket ornament I made. And for week 50, I am featuring a little cardinal my niece made out of a walnut sitting on a brazil nut:


Drawing Lab 2011: Textures

This week, we were assigned to draw using different textures.  I drew a bowl of flowers with fabric underneath.  I’m not sure I got any specific textures – with my lack of skill, everything seems to be the same texture 🙂 :

Zentangle Challenge #51 “Fife”

This week, the diva has challenged us with a new tangle called “Fife”  Here is my effort:

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #14

I decided to work with pastels again this week. Not sure I like the medium – a bit too messy for me.  Anyway, I attempted a Pablo Picasso style self portrait. Not sure I achieved it, but here it is: