December Garden 2011 – Wrap Up

Just wrapping up my 2011 garden post for December.  I took these shots, and never had the time to post them.  Here is my dormant vegetable garden waiting for spring planting:

This one  is of our dog Hiro under the grape vines.  This year will be the first year they will be allowed to fruit – yay!

And here are our lovely avocados – delicious!

I thought I would add this one.  It took me half the day to trim the pygmy date palms and New Zealand flax, and here are the results of my efforts; I can now see across the pool:

The rare color in my December garden – an ivy geranium, in my favorite color, pink!

And finally, the first crop of Mexican limes. They are tiny, but sooo juicy with a wonderful aroma and flavor:

2012: I will post about my garden, but probably not on a monthly basis.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Glad to see you again.You’ve been busy!!!

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