Zentangle Challenge #34 “Opposites Attract”

Guest Zentangle instructor Christina, is back with another challenge.  This week she gave us the option of starting with lines and filling in with curves, or starting with curves and filling in with lines.  I chose the first option:This was a fun challenge. If time permits, I think I will do the other option this week.



  1. dwhirsch says:

    Very nice. I like your choice of tangles. Diana

  2. 279traceyw says:

    Wow this looks fantastic! Nice work. 😀

  3. Great choice of tangles to use with the straight lines!

  4. Nice tangles. I wish I could have been as creative!

  5. Cute, I like those fun rose tangles on the bottom!

  6. I like the smooth flow and gentle vibe from your tangles! Really nice looking, I may try to do the opposite as well!

  7. Beautiful work!


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