“Sand Between My Toes” Cluster Frame Freebie

Here is the third cluster frame freebie I made.  This time, I used the kit “Sand Between My Toes” by Created by Jill:

This photo was taken on our last visit to the seaside in Croatia.  And here is the freebie:

The link is now working – sorry about that…

Zentangle Challenge #31 “Fairyland”

This week, guest zentangle instructor, Carol Baily Floyd challenged us with drawing a “Fairyland” zentangle – a place that fairies would dwell.  And here is my interpretation:

I enjoyed doing this challenge.  It brought back magical memories of childhood.

CSD CU Challenge July 2011 & Freebie

My obsession with digital graphics/scrapbooking continues… I decided to do Coolscrapdigitals Addies Designs CU pack for a freebie July challenge.  And here is the CU pack “Outdoor Decos”  I got to work with:

I chose to modify and add to it with felt style and elements from Scrappin Cop.  It is my first attempt at a kit.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought to make a kit.  But as usual, the more I do, the more I will improve (I think).  I just hope I don’t cringe too much, later looking back at this kit :-).  Here it is and the download is below:

CSD July QP Contest & Freebie

It’s time again for Coolscrapdigital’s Quick Page Contest. This month, we  were to create with the kit “Happiness” by Pretty Ju.  And here is my layout:

I used photos of my children when they were young – oh, how quickly they grow!

And here is the freebie for you to download:

Oak Glen Hike

I joined my friend Maria on a hike organized by the Redlands Area Walking/Hiking Meetup Group.  We hiked a three mile trail in Oak Glen.  The weather was wonderful, and the hike was exhausting exhilarating! – ok, I’m still coming back from my ankle injury 🙂

Oak Glen is about 30 minutes from where I live.  I have gone there numerous times on school field trips with all my children, as well as apple picking in the fall.  But I never realized that there were such wonderful hiking trails there.

“Hey Birdie” Cluster Frame Freebie

Here is the second cluster frame freebie I made.  I used the kit “Hey Birdie” by Created by Jill:

This is a photo of a lampwork bead earring I made.  And here is the freebie:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 28/52

We had a break in the hot weather, and I actually got a chance to get on the torch.  I made a little bluebird and a rosette bead, and made a pendant:

I have a habit of making googly eyed birds – I think they are cute!

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #4

This week was another student’s choice assignment. I chose to do the scribble drawing:

It is a littie blue fish with big eyes, sticking out his tongue :-).

“Floral Suprise” Cluster Frame Freebie

At the request of Created By Jill, I had the fun task of creating some cluster frames.  Here is the first of three, this one is made from the kit “Floral Suprise”:

This is a photo of my Blythe doll Lily dressed in an old Barbie dress I made for my daughter when she was young.  And here is the freebie cluster frame:

Zentangle Challenge #30 “String Theory v.V Initialize”

This week, the Diva shared her podium with guest, Christina. Christina’s challenge to us was to start our tangle with our initials. In my case, it would be LD:

No, that is not a spider. It is a tangle bug with 6 legs :-).

CSD Color Challenge July 2011

Chili Designz of Coolscrapdigital is hosting a color challenge.  We were provided with a very cute kit which included a color palette.  Here is my layout:

The photos were taken by Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio.  Cindy makes beautiful jewelry, and also takes very nice pictures.  These are of her youngest son.  When I saw them, I knew they would be perfect for this color challenge – just look at his adorable expression blowing on the dandelion! :-).

Photoshop Elements Class

As if I needed anything more to keep me glued to my computer.  In my visits around various blogs, I stumbled on Hummies World – a PSE on line course.  I felt that I had reached my “level of incompetance” with the assistance of a PSE guide book, and thought this would be great to take me to the next level :-).  So far it’s been very helpful.  My knowledge of PSE has many holes, and Hummies courses will hopefully fill some of them.  Here are some layouts I made thus far from the course work:



Included above are layout tutorials on tinting, slicing photos, drop down box, and gradients.

Click on any layout image, and it will take you to Hummies World Gallery where details and credits are given.