Bird A Week Challenge: Week 27/52

After meeting DH for coffee today, I decided to check in at our local bead shop downtown.  I’m usually not a big fan of cloisonne beads, but these were the exception:

They are lightweight, and the colors are beautiful. I added smoky topaz faceted rounds as dangles – a perfect Bird A Week peacock earrings!

Drawing Lab 2011: Your Flag

This weeks lab assignment was to draw a flag. I chose to digitally create a collage of flags:

The flags featured all have special meaning to me.

Old Glory: Our country, sweet land of liberty…

Rising Sun: Country of my birth

Croatian Flag: Country of DH’s birth

Lone Star State Flag : Birth State of my boys

Aussie Flag: Country of my daughter’s birth

Dutch Flag: Where DH & I met

Golden State Flag: Our home sweet home State

And I added the “Big Hat Lady” for fun 🙂


All flags: Google images

Big Hat Lady: Rian Design

Overlay: Lindsay Jane Designs