Handmade Gifts

What could these be? can you guess?…


They’re pin keeps!  I finally decided to make some things out of all the vintage/estate finds that I have been happily collecting.  I’ve seen a lot of people make all kinds of pin keeps, and knew I could make them as well.  They are fun and quick to make, and the results are just too adorable! Who wouldn’t want one of these cuties sitting by their side when crafting?




I hope the recipients like them… Now, off  to go and make one for DD and one for myself.

Nest Swap!

I just seem to be joining one swap/challenge after another these days. Anyway, I had joined a “Nest Swap” hosted by Viv of Viv Out On A Limb.  I was partnered with a most unique and sweet person; Kai Naconi of Celebrating Christmas Year Round.  We were to make a nest that we liked so much that we didn’t want to give away…  Kai made me this very special nest in colors I like – pink and more pink!


Kai is half Comanche, and lives a Comanche life.  This intrigued me, so I did some research about the Comanche people.  I stumbled on this book, Empire Of The Summer Moon.  This is how my mind works: Hmmm… what a nice looking man… click… Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History…click…Son of an Indian Chief and a White Settler abducted as a child… Greatest Comanche Chief… sounds interesting… Click… download to my Kindle.  Whew, I generally do not read non-fiction, but this book is so far very interesting.  If you are a history buff, or just want to know more about the early days of our Country in regards to the American Indian people, this is a good read.


Ok, back to the swap.  Thank you Kai for a very special nest! Your care and thoughts in creating it are much appreciated.  And thank you Viv for organizing this swap, and partnering me with your very special friend.  Here is what I made for Kai.  Earlier this year, I challenged myself with making one doll a month.  Well, I am going to count this Fairy ( Felt Wee Folk by Sally Mavor) as doll number 1. I just need to make three more to catch up 🙂


Vintage Supply Swap!

I recently participated in a vintage supply swap hosted by Elizabeth of Creative Breathing.  Elizabeth partnered me with Nancy of My Crafty Little Page.  It’s always fun meeting someone new, and Nancy was no exception.  Reading Nancy’s blog made me laugh at times – she has a fun way of writing.  Anyway, I found that we had things in common; Nancy lives in Texas, and we lived in Texas, we both love vintage, pink, and everything Elizabeth creates.

When my package arrived, I was so excited! I had to first take in all the prettily wrapped packages, and admire before I dared open them. One of them even came wrapped in a pretty pink embroidered baby blanket:


The first box I opened had all these wonderful scrapbook and paper supplies – it even has the word “Wonderful” in it:


A roll of vintage wall paper. And look at this adorable little “Japan” girl! Nancy sent her to me because she knows I like Blythe dolls, and this little girl reminded her of Blythe – how thoughtful:


Some vintage ephemera, and a Wedding booklet with programs that Nancy made for her nieces wedding – so creative!


More lace, and even word cards – love the words :). Another package contained this cute pipe cleaner animals kit. I came across an old pipe cleaner character leaflet at a thrift store recently, and as usual, started to amass supplies (pipe cleaners & googly eyes) to “create”, so this kit came at a perfect time:


This pretty tin contained a doily, rosettes, cute little teddy, crinkle ribbon, more lace, vintage birds, vintage paper rolls, labels, vintage snowmen picks, and a pretty button bouquet:


And here is the cigar box that Nancy decorated and filled to the top with more goodies.  I’m just starting to work with paper crafting, so this wonderfully decorated box was much appreciated. Nancy is so talented with paper craft/altered art. The box contained even more lace and ribbons, tags, beads, and vintage clothes pins. Also included were vintage Naval aircraft ephemera – I appreciated it since I used to work on military aircraft designs:


Vintage scrabble tiles – yay!  Look at the pretty glittery vintage beads! Nancy knew that I have been on the lookout for a doll house.  Well, she included these precious tea cups and saucers – I just love them!


Well, I think I am ready to tackle any project. Thank you sooo much Nancy for being my swap partner! It’s been great fun getting to know you. And thank you again to Elizabeth for coordinating this swap.

Wool Felt & Craft Projects!

Woohoo! My order of wool felt finally arrived! Now, I can make all the felt projects I have been dreaming of.  Some are new, and others, I have had planned to make for a very long time.


Elizabeth, over at Creative Breathing has the most adorable characters! She not only shares her patterns, but has a very fun way of telling stories.  She has so many wonderful projects, I’m not sure which I’ll start with:


Holly, over at Cotton Pickin’ Fun has the cutest characters too! This has got to be the cutest George Washington I have ever seen.  Holly is also very generous and shares her patterns  – I think if I start him now, I may have him done by the 4th of July 🙂


Here is a book that I have owned for quite some time,  Felt Wee Folk by Sally Mavor.  I had the best intentions to make some fairies.  I even bought acorn caps for hats on-line from the East Coast! Now, I ‘m  going to break out the supplies and finally make them.


And finally, some really sweet felt dolls from Noialand.  I will make at least one of these girls:


These are but a few of the projects I have in mind.  My shelves are full of books with lots of ideas…

Bunny Swap & Other Stuff

What a wonderful thing it is to get something in the mail – especially when DD and I had been laid flat by food poisoning!  Debby’s Bunny Swap banner arrived at the perfect time – Thank you Debby!  I managed to take a couple of photos before dragging myself back to bed:BunnySwap2013

I have to add that I have the best DH! He was just wonderful, taking care of us, accompanying us to urgent care, managing on his own, all the while going to work and doing his usual things.  If I have done anything right in this life of mine, it is that I picked a great partner in life. And there was an added benefit in all of this, an affirmation of my efforts as a mother of sorts… DD said to me that she is going to marry a guy just like her dad.  Someone who is kind, caring, funny, intelligent, supportive, and respectful – it made me happy.  Then I thought, hmm… the boys never say “I’m going to marry a girl just like you mom”, and I thought to myself, and I hope you never do! Don’t get me wrong, I am not self -deprecating here, I just know myself enough to say that – enough said :).

And, If you would like to visit the talented ladies who made the cute ornaments for the banner, please visit them here:

Debby: Cozy Blanket

Nan: Retired In Alaska

Michelle & Ashley: The Tattered Quilt Cottage

White Bunny: If you should see this post, please let me know who you are.

521 Lake Street Easter Swap!

Yay! I got my Easter Swap package in the mail from Chris over at A Little Creation. The swap was hosted by Sandy at 521 Lake Street, and Sandy did a great job pairing Chris and I as swap partners.  Thank you Sandy! Now, I’m going to show you all the wonderful things Chris sent me.

Look at this adorable guy. He’s handmade by Chris, sits on a toadstool, and carries an umbrella. She also made the flowers and magnet. And I have a family of ducks the little egg will be adopted by 🙂


And look at this cutie – she came with a tag that said Ki’i, meaning doll in Hawaiian. My blog name Lutka, means doll in Croatian, and something else in Finnish, I was told (see post). DD fell in love with her, but I am going to keep her :). Blythe girls have been eyeing the comfy looking blue chair – just the right size. Ghirardelli chocolate – gone!  And the tin bucket full of goodies; Chris knew exactly what I liked – vintage plastic bunny, Babushka stickers, buttons, mod ribbon, and even sharpies for zentangling. She thought of everything.521LakeStreetEasterSwap2

Chris was so kind, she even included a handmade Dr. Who bead for DD – a fellow Dr. Who fan. DD loved it!


And this handmade journal,  can’t wait to start using it. Chris even put a page in it with my Blythe girls – so considerate.521LakeStreetEasterSwap4

Whew, and finally a vintage produce crate label. I actually started collecting them.  I live in a small grove, but pears are about the only trees we don’t have… hmmm, maybe it’s time to plant a couple of pear trees.521LakeStreetEasterSwap5

This swap was so much fun to do.  Thank you Chris for being such a great swap partner.  And thank you Sandy for coordinating the swap.  Now, just a couple of pics to show you what I made for Chris: Spoolie with vintage chicks, & Dr. Who in Easter Land. I put aluminum hats on the chicks to prevent alien mind control ;-).


And of course, after seeing what I made, DD begged asked me to make her a Dr. Who spoolie, and here it is:521LakeStreetEasterSwap7