Bunny Swap & Other Stuff

What a wonderful thing it is to get something in the mail – especially when DD and I had been laid flat by food poisoning!  Debby’s Bunny Swap banner arrived at the perfect time – Thank you Debby!  I managed to take a couple of photos before dragging myself back to bed:BunnySwap2013

I have to add that I have the best DH! He was just wonderful, taking care of us, accompanying us to urgent care, managing on his own, all the while going to work and doing his usual things.  If I have done anything right in this life of mine, it is that I picked a great partner in life. And there was an added benefit in all of this, an affirmation of my efforts as a mother of sorts… DD said to me that she is going to marry a guy just like her dad.  Someone who is kind, caring, funny, intelligent, supportive, and respectful – it made me happy.  Then I thought, hmm… the boys never say “I’m going to marry a girl just like you mom”, and I thought to myself, and I hope you never do! Don’t get me wrong, I am not self -deprecating here, I just know myself enough to say that – enough said :).

And, If you would like to visit the talented ladies who made the cute ornaments for the banner, please visit them here:

Debby: Cozy Blanket

Nan: Retired In Alaska

Michelle & Ashley: The Tattered Quilt Cottage

White Bunny: If you should see this post, please let me know who you are.

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