The Start Of Another School Year

Since dear hubby drove up with younger son to the bay area, then flew home, it was my turn to drive dear daughter back down to University.  We managed to pack everything in – I think it helped that she only took her road bike.  Now it’s time to pick up and clean up the house.  There is so much of their stuff still in the house. It doesn’t even seem like they moved out!


Oh, and I just wanted to share these cute horse drawn carts I found at a small village in Croatia.  Not sure if they were intended for children’s toys, but I immediately imagined a vintage Santa or little gift packages in the carts for Christmas decorating:MateaBackToSchool2014_2


Kid #2 Launched… Sort Of

Younger son has moved up to the bay area to start his newly graduated life.  Unlike older son, younger son goes without employment.  It is an adventure of sorts.  He and two of his friends are working on a Social Media start up, and will find jobs(eventually) to sustain themselves.  Oh, to be young again, without a care in the world, and only to be responsible for oneself!


Second time around, waving good bye again… It is never easy…


Our Family Vacation

We had a wonderful family vacation the past two weeks.  Amazingly, all five of us were able to take a vacation together.  I took tons of photos, and here are just a few – from Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria:

Zagreb Cathedral, Croatia:



Church of St. Mark:3

Shopping in Zagreb.  As you can see, the boys weren’t much into shopping, but more into eating and tasting the local brew.  As for dear daughter, she was happy to shop as well as eat 🙂  Even with all the walking we did, we collectively gained over 20 pounds!4

We were fortunate to take in an ice hockey game.  Medvescak Zagreb now plays in the KHL, and we were able to see their first home game – they won against Severstal Russia:5

Market in Britanski Trg(British Square) down the road from MIL’s house:6

A pretty window in Samobor – Cute quaint village outside Zagreb:7

I figured out how to use Pano on my iPhone.  Tito’s village where he grew up:8

Medvedgrad Castle, Zagreb:9

Bled, Slovenia – So beautiful! The monastery on the little island on Lake Bled is so picturesque.10

The kids complained that we were boring photo subjects, so dear hubby and I decided to pose :). Austrian Parliament Building, Pallas Athena Fountain:11

We even managed to hit a flea market in Vienna – vintage buttons, and amazing art!12


Everywhere we went, there was graffiti.  I loved this mural along the Danube:14

St. Stephen’s Church, Vienna:15

Melk Monastery:

16It was so much fun! Honestly, I did so much walking, I was literally ready to fall flat on my face at the end of every day.  Now, to recover from vacation…

Cowboy Quilt Top

I started this quilt a year ago.  It was a pattern from one of the classes I took.  Since I didn’t like my fabric choice(too plain and boring), I decided to applique cowboys and horses that I found in the book Applique Quilt Revival. The cowboys and horses are raw edge applique that I blanket stitched onto the blocks.  It’s a bit time consuming, but I actually like hand applique and embroidery.  I also added the brown sashing and pinwheel cornerstones(remnants from the star blocks) to liven it up.  I’m planning on hand quilting it with a thick floss.   No hurries to finish, I’m thinking it will be for a future grandchild 🙂


Younger son is home for the moment, so I took advantage and had him hold up the quilt top 🙂

September Garden 2014 & Norwegian Trolls

What has Norwegian Trolls got to do with my garden you ask? Nothing really, but there doesn’t seem to be much happening in the garden, so I thought I’d share.  Here are some photos of the blooms hanging on in my front garden – so pretty:


Dear Hubby came home from a business trip to Norway, and brought home these two guys.  I really like dolls, but I’m on the fence about these two.  I suppose they have a certain charm :). I still have the troll dolls that were popular from when I was a child – somewhere in a box in the garage…


Quilts For Project Linus And The Master Chorale

I was asked to make a quilt for Project Linus.  A novelty fabric was supplied.  I chose to use my scraps to make a scrappy baby quilt – I really like scrappy quilts.  Most of the novelty fabric went on the back of the quilt.  I even used the different stitches on my machine (finally!) to quilt it all together.  You can see the different stitches on the photo – less than stellar, but stitched with the best intentions:


And a friend of mine belongs to our local Master Chorale.  They are doing some fundraising, so I made a Christmas quilt for their raffle.  I followed a tutorial by Missouri Star Company, and made it like this quilt I saw in blogland.  There are only nine blocks, but they are huge, so the quilt ended up being pretty big. I rented a longarm and quilted Christmas trees & stars all over ( some designs are very forgiving, like this one). And I appliqued a folk art angel on the back – so cute!