Sew Sisters Exchange Quilt Reveal!

This is the first year I participated in the Sew Sisters Quilt exchange, and it did not disappoint.  We gathered at a wonderful Spanish Cafe for a brunch followed by the exchange.  Lots of photos to share, so here I go:


If Donna’s quilt for Lynn looks familiar, it’s because I made one similar to it:
















Here is my last focus fabric, “Vivienne” by Alexander Henry.  Can you see it in the beautiful quilt Dorre made for me? – Love my new quilt!


And Dani loved the quilt I made her too.  She has it hanging in her living room now 🙂








And here we all are, Sew Sisters, new members, and guests! We brought our focus fabric in envelopes and selected randomly for our next exchange – so much fun!


Sew Sisters Exchange Quilt

Last year when I started quilting, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join a quilt group, the Sew Sisters.  We meet regularly, and we also have an annual quilt exchange.  Each person picks a focal fabric, and someone else creates a quilt based on that fabric for them (this is all in secret).  I drew Dani, and these are the fabrics she had chosen, and I worked with:


Dani’s fabrics were beautiful, but posed a bit of a challenge for me as I tend toward brighter, pinky colors.  I chose to go the modern route, and this is the quilt I created for Dani.  The big “reveal” is today, I hope she likes her quilt…


My friend Ellie thought it needed a pop of color, so she generously gifted me the coral colored fabric. And thanks again to dear younger son for holding up the quilt – I knew these kids would come in handy one day :).


Oh, and I had enough fabric left, so I made Dani a matching giant pin cushion:


A Custom Order!

I keep my Etsy shop open for various reasons… Justify my need to buy pretty glass, feeling legitimate in my lampwork pursuits,  and just plain fun having a little cyber shop.  Anyway, I actually got a request for some custom beads! So, off to my garage studio I went, dusted off my equipment, ran over to Lowes for a new propane tank, checked everything for safety, fired up my torch, and voila!


And as long as I opened up my studio, I made more beads:


I will eventually add them to my shop 🙂

Quilts for Moi!

Finally, I have made quilts for myself! They still need binding, but I decided to enlist the help of dear hubby and younger son (before he takes off) to hold up the quilts.  The first one is a 30’s style, and the second one is a Kaffe Fasset.  They are both queen size, and therefore held sideways:





August Garden 2014 & Soy Amado

I have been neglecting my blog lately.  It has been sooo hot around here, all I want to do is lay flat on the cool floor and do nothing… but I have been keeping busy.  Starting off with my garden; venturing out into the unbearable heat, I am rewarded with a bumper crop of American concord grapes – so yummy!


On the quilting front, I stumbled onto a very nice quilt blog Little Island Quilting, where there is a wonderful project going on –  Soy Amado.  I am participating, and here are some of the blocks I made:













Now, I just need to package them and put them in the mail.