Shoe Shopping And Antiquing

Dear Hubby decided it was time to go and get some new shoes.  This entails driving to the outlet malls and looking through various shoe shops, and Electronics shops as well… So, the ever supportive wife that I am, I decided to tag along.  I am not the stereotypical woman; I am not into shoes.  Anyway, after much patience, going in and out of different shops, we were finished – yay! The best part came on the drive home.  We stopped by some Antique stores, and I picked up a few things.  A family of cute vintage ceramic bunnies, six vintage orange juice cups, and a Little Kiddles doll.  I love everything orange since we live in a small grove. and the Little Kiddles doll reminded me of my childhood. Oh, and I did  get a pair of new sandals too 🙂




  1. Cute little bunnies. I have always liked those orange glasses. I’d say you deserved it for shopping. I don’t care to shop for clothes or shoes.

  2. we had some of the same orange glass. I remember them as a child. Ah… Memories.

  3. I’m a terrible clothes and shoe shopper too. I’d much rather go antiquing or estate sale shopping. Fun finds. Thank you again for my lovely treasures!

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