Quilts For My Sisters

I have three wonderful older sisters that form an amazing tag team caring for our aging parents.  Although I only live an hour away from them, it is not often that I am involved in their day to day care.  I have a friend who refers to herself as a “Disneyland daughter”.  Well, I feel like one at times…  Anyway, since I am so into quilting these days, I decided to make them each a quilt for their birthdays:


Dear hubby is also a bit of a “Disneyland son”.  His mother lives in Europe, and is cared for by his older brother.  Perhaps another quilt is in order…

Darlene’s Row

I have been keeping very busy lately.  One of the things that have been occupying my time has been our Quilting groups row by row project.  Here is one I did for Darlene.  Her theme is “Stars”.  I found this most wonderful Crane Star block.  I made two Crane Star blocks, and combined them with six 9″ star blocks to complete the double rows.  It was my first attempt at paper piecing – lots of mistakes, and lots of fun: