December Garden & Update

December in Southern California has so far been gorgeous!  The air is fresh and crisp with the sun shining upon us.  Satsuma mandarins are coming into season, as well as Meyer lemons. Just in time to make lemon squares – yummy! And the leaves have fallen from the persimmon tree, showcasing the pretty orange fruits.


As hectic as the season is, I have been busy with one or other of my quilting projects.  Here is another quilt requiring hand applique/embroidery.  Cowboys and horses on a red/white/blue background:



  1. Gorgeous vegetation. Our worlds look so different right now. Snow covers everything, including all the leaves that never got raked in our woods. Your cowboys and horses would have been perfect for Josie’s party. What fun!

  2. Thanks again for the persimmons. We made bars that are wonderful. Yum. I love the cowboy and Indians squares. So cute.

  3. Your quilt blocks are beautiful, I love the blanket stitch on the figures. I hope to get to California in February, I always get so much joy capturing what is in season. You live in such a special place .

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