How Lovely Are Your Branches…

Yayyy! I finally got my aluminum Christmas tree up!  I mentioned earlier that I had been on the lookout, and finally found one.  Well, here it is, with a color wheel too.  I set it up in the bonus room, where the kids hang out when they come home.  It so reminds me of my childhood…



  1. I remember when you posted about getting one! It looks just perfect. My sister has an aluminum tree and I have long admired their branches.

  2. Acquiring an aluminum Christmas tree is still on my bucket list. Yours is absolutely magical.

  3. Lucky girl to find an aluminum tree!!! I had one growing up such fun memories!

  4. Your tree is stunning! I love it! I have a silvery tree but it is a modern 2 footer. I am on the hunt for a vintage silver. Have a wonderful night, Holly

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