September 2013 Garden & Boy Next Door

Yes, I am waxing nostalgic these last few days before dear daughter heads off to college… I took a photo of her and boy next door the other day before they took off on a bike ride.  And I remembered a cute photo I took of them many years ago, so I thought I’d share.  They have grown so much… He will be heading up north at the end of the week for college, and she will be heading down south – how time flies…


And now to my garden.  Lots of flowers still hanging on, some going to seed.  I noticed one Oro Blanco left on the tree – so big! Valencias are in season.  Navels, gold nuggets, and lemons are coming along:


Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Time really doesn’t stand still…does it? Love those comparison pictures of your son and neighbor. Your garden looks amazing. I’m jealous of all your fresh fruit!

  2. Your pictures and harvest are amazing.
    Cute picture of the kids. Time goes way too fast. I know this will be hard for you when your daughter goes to college. Oh I remember those days……three times over. It does get better. ((((HUGS))))

  3. Your daughter and your garden are beautiful!

  4. retrosandie says:

    I love the pix of your daughter and the boy next door-soooo cute!!! Amazing how fast they grow! Just like your lovely garden! Beautiful pix!!!!

  5. Your photos are fantastic! It is hard to let them go isn’t it? Let’s look at this positively, you will eventually get another room to use as you like (I know it’s not much -I’d give up my craft room if it meant Ms. L would visit more often). Well that didn’t help…
    Chris =]

  6. Great pics!!! Your DD was such a little cutie. That much hasn’t changed. That is a huge grapefruit. Have lots of grapes???

  7. great spolies! I just finished mine this weekend fro the swap. I need to touch base with my partner again and get it in the mail this week. I wont post the pic until she recieves it though. I do love making those spoolies..
    as for your garden.. I so wish I had a green thumb! your pics are great. and how sweet that your daughter and the boy next door have been such good friends all these!
    have a great week!

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