Sewing, Cutting, Tying, … And Empty Nesting

I’ve been keeping quite busy since dear daughter left for college.  My thoughts on Empty Nesting, Hmmm… Odd.  Before she left, I had moments of melancholy, didn’t last long, but it was sad all the same.  Now, it’s just an odd feeling.  I spent the first few days cleaning. And you know what’s amazing? whatever I picked up and cleaned, stayed that way! And I can now stay longer with my quilt group, have lunch with them, and not have to rush home.  Like I said, it’s all very odd, strange… I think I can get used to this.

After all the cleaning and organizing, I even did some sewing, cutting, and tying.  I noticed dear daughters dorm room looked a bit sparse so I made her this cute flower pillow:


And all three of my kids have been asking me to make them new fleece blankets.  I made them one each when they were little, and I guess the boys, especially have outgrown them, literally. So, I bought 2 1/2 yards each, which should be enough to cover their whole bodies,  and made them new blankets.  Rotary cutter, and electric scissors made quick work of them.  Dear daughter’s is pink, younger son’s is a monster print, and what 23 year old could resist a sock monkey blanket – for older son:


And here they are, tied, washed, and ready to be delivered/mailed!