Halloween Spoolie Swap 2013

Yup, another swap! This time a Halloween Spoolie Swap hosted by Deb (Garage Sale Gal) and Sandy (521 Lake Street).  I was partnered with Debby (Cozy Blanket).  Debby is very sweet – I have participated in swaps hosted by her in the past.  And look at the cute little ghost spoolie Debby made for me! She also sent me some yummy candy and fun stamps – yay! more crafting fun!


And the owl spoolie is what I made for Debby.  She said she liked owls, and I just happened to have the right one.  Thank you again to Deb & Sandy for hosting this fun event & Debby for being my partner!


  1. Your spools are fantastic. I love Debby’s ghost and your owl is simply adorable. My spoolie package is getting put in the mail tomorrow. Everything is done, but I haven’t taken any pictures yet. Halloween hugs!

  2. I love how cute your pictures came out. Thanks again.

  3. How fun and both your spoolies are just darling.


  4. Fun, fun, fun… =]
    Nice layout too!!

  5. I love how both of the spoolies turned out…and your photo skills are spectacular! What photo program do you use? That lemon is so big!…..I love lemons!

  6. LOVE the owl you made for Debby! Sorry I’m late in visiting you and your swap goodies! Owls are so fun this year!
    Deb 🙂

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