Canon Creative Park!

Oh my gosh, I am in paper craft heaven!!!  Girls day in Japan is coming up, so I decided to poke around the web for some Girls Day crafts.  Well, lucky for me, I stumbled on Canon Creative Park! If you are into paper craft, scrapbooking, card making, art,  calendars, and just about anything to do creatively with paper, you have to visit Canon Creative Park.   I’m planning on making a Girls Day display.  The display I’m showing is a bit ambitious for me right now, so I will do a simpler one.  They have simple as well as more complex things to make.  You can find projects for any occasion, and interests.  I felt like a chicken without a head trying to decide which project to download and do. Best of all, everything is free to download!  Of course, it is personal use only, and my one advice is, to make sure you download “letter size” (for here in the US) when given a choice.  Here  are some samplings of what they have:

Girls Day Court:

CanonCreativePark1Mother’s Day Card:


Valentine Mobil (Or maybe even Easter!):


A Wedding Couple:CanonCreativePark3a

Easter Bunny:CanonCreativePark4

Graduating Duo – I can make it for DD in June! CanonCreativePark4a

Year Of The Snake – how cool is this!CanonCreativePark5

Ship with sailors – too cute!CanonCreativePark6

Circus toy shadowbox? I think it actually moves:CanonCreativePark6a

Saint Basil’s Cathedral – looks really challenging:CanonCreativePark7

A Halloween Mobil:CanonCreativePark8

Santa Decoration:CanonCreativePark9

This is just a tiny sampling. There a hundreds more to look and choose from. Now get going! – Canon Creative Park.

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