Having fun with The Toymaker

For whatever reason, my printer wasn’t printing on photo/stock paper, so DH switched printers with me – yay!  So, I decided to have some fun and print out some paper crafts at The Toymaker. I have her paper toy book, and spent last year with her “A Year Of Toys And Joys ” Calendar.  Anyhow,  I printed out a couple of her freebie Valentine crafts, a cute hanging heart basket and elephant delivery.  I also printed out mirror copies of each so I could have it double sided, embellished with satin flowers and ribbon, and got some cute vintage valentine graphics from the Two Crazy Crafters. While I was cutting and pasting, I thought to myself that it would have been a fun activity to do with the kids when they were young. But, then again, my boys were never the “color inside, and cut along the line” types, oh well.  I filled the basket with little flowers, and the elephant with small valentines:



If you want to play with The Toymaker, go to www.thetoymaker.com. She has tons of fun activities to do.


  1. Must. Make. Elephant.

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