Bead Soup Blog Party Reveal!

Welcome to the Bead Soup Blog Party (BSBP) Reveal! Lori Anderson of Pretty Things is again hosting this wonderful event! In a nut shell, the BSBP is a blog event where jewelry makers gather, are paired off, exchange beads, and make wonderful things with the beads they receive.  For this party, I was paired off with the very kind and thoughtful Tracey Weiser of Summer Smack. Tracey sent me a most wonderful bead soup! For the moment, I was not able to find the photo of the beads she sent me, so I will just point them out as I go along.  Tracey’s beads were a collection of earthy polished stones, wood, brass bird charm, and handmade copper clasp.  I was able to use them all , and here are the things I made:

First off, I made this wire wrapped bracelet. I used the main focal Tracey sent me along with the small round stone beads.  I added Czech polished beads, copper chain, and clasp:

For this necklace, I used the delicate off white stone (bone?) beads, brass bird charm, and handmade brass clasp from Tracey.  I complemented them with cut glass beads, and Czech polished glass beads to achieve a more vintage feel.  I really like the bird charm on the back of the necklace:

I used what remained of the white stone beads, combined them with Vintaj brass components, and finished them with copper lever back ear wires to make these earrings:

I glued on Vintaj components to the wood beads from Tracey with the polished stones and hung them on copper lever back earwires to make these earrings:

And for the last earrings, I dangled the tiny stone beads from some components I had:

And finally, I made a necklace for my Blythe Doll, Pinkie with what was left of the tiny stone beads:

That’s it. I just want to thank Lori Anderson for organizing this fun party, and to Tracey for being such a nice partner! Now for the list of participants and their blogs go to the Official Bead Soup Blog Party List !  Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Busy bee:-) awesome. I especially love the bracelet!

  2. All really beautiful – love your bead work around that focal, and those earrings are all amazing. Nice work using all of your soup ingredients!

  3. They are all so beautiful, you could wear them anytime, anywhere, with anything.

  4. I LOVE the white and crystal beads together! So simple, yet so beautiful! Good soup!

  5. Really nice work! Love the focal bead. I really like how you positioned your earrings on the picture of the woman, to give people a better idea of how they look!

  6. They all turned out so nice. I love the vintage feel of the necklace and earrings. But the bracelet just calls to me. I so love copper. I like how you did the focal in the bracelet, too. And the little bird charm on the back of the necklace is too cute.

  7. All great pieces! I can’t decide which I like the most.

  8. Fantastic work and I love what you made for Blythe!

  9. Blythe is a lucky doll! I love all of the different earrings!

  10. Such a great jewelry collection! I love the layout idea to place the earrings on photos of women! It’s fun to see how the earrings would look when worn. I also love that you made a necklace for your doll! I have never made jewelry for dolls, but now I want to!

  11. Your soup turned out beautifully. I love all pieces, especially the earrings, and what an adorable idea to make a necklace for your doll! It looked great on her, and she made a lovely model!

  12. Gorgeous work–and I can’t believe you made a doll necklace, to boot!

  13. Beautiful work as always, Linda! Although I love the necklaces, the earrings are my favorites! =D

  14. vintagesusie says:

    OMGoodness…your soup is DELICIOUS my Friend!!! I adore your design, it’s truly stunning! Well done, another AMAZING cup of BEAD SOUP from a very talented designer!!! 😉

  15. Gorgeous jewellery! I really like the earthy and vintage style. Fab job!

  16. Wow, oh, wow, Miss Linda!! Stunning work!! I love, LOVE, LOVE the vintaj pieces with the stones I sent AND with that gorgeous picture of that woman: PERFECTION!!!

    I LOVE THE wire work that you did around the focal on the bracelet, too!! Congrats on a delicous soup and THANKS, THANKS, THANKS for being such a wonderful partner!!

  17. Lovely! And I want a Blythe doll so badly!

    I hope you’ll join me again next time — the blog button and dates are on my blog now!

    Love, Lori

  18. The second necklace I can totally relate to, it’s very similar to my work. And I love how much thought you put in displaying your work, the earring lady in particular.

  19. I love the soft, delicate feel of the second necklace. Very versatile and easy to wear. That bracelet with the focal piece is just wonderful. You really did your bead soup proud!

  20. Very creative! The bracelet is my favorite – I love how you added beads to the focal!

  21. Awesome work! Love all your creations…that bracelet is stunning and love, love those earrings! Nice job with your soup!

  22. I’m such a bracelet person and love the rich, warm tones. The necklace is sweet and elegant. Love how you showcased your wonderful earrings. Every Blythe needs such a necklace, but I might steal it from her if it fit around my wrist.

  23. The wire wrapping the on the bracelt is really nice and sets off the focal beautifully. Very nice designs.

  24. Very pretty! I like what you did with the focal on the bracelet! 🙂

  25. What fabulous earrings…. all of them. I love how you dressed your sets for photography… they are the perfect models to show off your pieces.

  26. I love the bezel on that focal.

  27. Wow, you made a lot of beautiful designs with your soup. I adore how you embellished the focal. The necklace is so pretty and feminine. The earrings are super cute. Great job!

  28. Like all your pieces, but really like how your bracelet design sets off that fabulous focal stone. Great job.

  29. Beautiful vintage designs.

  30. I am so sorry for being so late my computer was resisting too labor intensive:^)Very nice designs. And there is still time to sign up for the give-away, Just go to Sept.16th blog and leave a comment
    Be blessed to be a blessing

  31. Gorgeous! Such beautiful earrings! And that first bracelet with the three strands is just gorgeous! Well served soup 🙂

  32. Fantastic post showing us all what you did with your soup mix. Love how you photographed the earrings. And even something special for Pinkie. I really like how you assembled the bracelet! I have to learn how to do that…the wire wrapping around the focal. Soup-er Cool!

  33. I love how you divided your soup into so many wonderful pieces – they are all beautiful! I especially really love the earrings. Great way of displaying the pieces too.

  34. It was an interesting choice to use that focal for a bracelet. It’s wonderful to see how people use elements in so different ways.


  35. Bobbie Rafferty says:

    Look at how much loveliness you were able to cook up from your bead soup! Nice job!

  36. Lots of pretties! Love the earrings and how you photographed them! Great job and especially love the necklace for Pinkie!

  37. All of your pieces are really super cool. I like the bit of vintage feel they each have. That bracelet you made with the focal is really something special. I especially like the beads surrounding the focal. That’s a neat effect! Great work!

  38. beautiful collection!

  39. Lovely collection! The beads around the focal is a great idea!!

  40. Beautiful pieces. I love all of the earings, and the doll necklace really made me smile 🙂

  41. Ann Sherwood says:

    Great, you got so many pieces out of your soup and finished them all on time, even one for the doll. Very impressive.

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