Update Hummie’s World PSE Class

I have been obsessively working through my PSE class.  Since I just signed up for the Photography class to learn how to better utilize my SLR camera, and I want to sign up for the Designer’s class coming up in October, I thought I would try and finish the PSE class as soon as possible.  One of the tutorials utilized a site called Wordle.  I found it interesting enough that I thought I’d share.  You can basically create “word clouds”.  I used it to make this layout:

You type in words, and it arranges it in different ways.  I think this is such a neat and useful toy.


  1. ruth crawfor says:

    This looks like a fun link, thank you for shareing. I can see this in a bezel, under resin, with lots of uses. Keep learning and sharing, thanks again. R

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