Drawing Lab 2011: June Art Show Blog Hop

(Apparently, the blog hop was cancelled due to lack of participation, but I did it any way…  so, “A Big Welcome To My One Woman Show!!!” :-))

Welcome!  It’s time again for the Drawing Lab Art Show Blog Hop.   I selected a few of my favorite work from the last three months.  This on-line class with Jeannie Dukic has been a lot of fun.

It seems the more I get into digital graphics/scrapbooking, the more I want to frame and embellish everything:

Of all the work presented, I found the portrait to be the most difficult, and the art journal to be the most fun.  I will have to challenge myself with portraits on upcoming artist’s choice weeks.

I used a scrapbook kit called “Let Them Eat Cake” – a Marie Antoinette theme.



  1. Absolutely LOVE the ditigal graphics. They really add a nice finishing touch. Portraits are hard for me too! Practice, practice, practice. I remember those cute kitties.
    Linda you’re an excellent student and I have enjoyed all your hard work each and every week. Looking forward to the rest of the year with you.

  2. Seems we both missed that it was a two women show! Sadly only we two participated, but no matter what I enjoyed Drawing Lab so far. Just about to upload my flag drawing.

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