Bird A Week Challenge: Week 24/52

I love vintage/retro drawings. So, for this weeks challenge, I decided to try my hand at drawing a vintage style bird:

I started with a pencil sketch, outlined it in ink, scanned it into my computer, and colored it in photoshop.  It reminds me of drawings in childrens books and greeting cards from when I was a child.

Drawing Lab 2011: Student’s Choice #3

This week was another student’s choice.  I did assignment #2 that I missed – drawing a bird:

I chose a common house sparrow (hmm… looking at it now, it looks more like a zebra finch).  When I was in college, I took a trip to the old country.  Since I was in travel mode, I wore the same clothes a lot.  My relatives started calling me a “kitakiri suzume” which translates to “a sparrow wearing the same clothes every day”.  I don’t mind, I like sparrows, they are cute :-).