Back To School Shopping & Antiquing

Ok, it’s a bit too early for back to school shopping, but it’s always good to have an excuse purpose when you do go shopping.  My daughter and I took off for the Cabazon Outlet Mall.  It was a really nice day, a bit windy, but that is usually the case out in the desert.  DD found some really great deals.  We even stopped by Hadleys,  to have a date shake – yummy!  DD prefers Hadley’s date shakes, but I still have a preference for the one from the Shake Shack off Pacific Coast Highway (I have good memories of going there as a child):

On the way home, we managed to hit some antique stores in Beaumont.  It’s like walking into history.  Every item there seems to have a story to tell:

I managed to be good at the mall, but I found some very nice buttons in one of the stores. I even found some MOP horse buttons again!  And of course, I couldn’t resist the happy sunflower salt and pepper shakers smiling at me throught the glass case:


  1. I love the beautiful buttons!

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