June Garden 2011

So far the weather here has been great. It’s already June, yet we have not had extreme heat – thank goodness! So, this month, I am featuring some “projects” as well as my beautiful passion fruit:

I planted Kyoho, and American concord grapes last season.  It grew to the height of the trellis. This season, I am supposed to let two vines spread. Then next year I can allow multiple vines to grow and fruit – I’m half way there! As for the blueberries, I initially planted them in the ground, and they did not thrive. Last season with the advice of my neighbor, I planted them in containers.  I am actually getting fruit now – yay!  And, last but not least, my passion fruit plant.   I think it must be the hardiest plant in my garden.  It has survived a freeze in the past, and  recently survived being strangled by our ever growing banana trees.  These beautiful flowers turn into the most aromatic and delicious fruit – can’t wait!

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