Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #30 Umbrella

Several years ago, my mother brought back a little doll dressed in a kimono holding an umbrella for my daughter from Japan.  My parents always go back to visit the old country with the intention that it will be their last.  With the unfolding tragedy,  it may very well  have been their last journey there… 

The background and brush are from M. Terasawa , and the distressed overlay is from HG Designs.

Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #76 Passion

Initially, I thought this theme would be somewhat difficult, but after some contemplation, this is what I came up with:

This is a photo I took of a flower on our passion fruit plant growing in our backyard.  Not only are the flowers exotically beautiful, the fruit are very aromatic and flavorful. I used a textured overlay from Fall3nangel, and added a very “passionate” poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 11/52

I came across this tutorial at Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Knitter, and thought it was a really fun idea.  Using a used Target gift card with a cute little bird on it, I decided to make a bracelet for this week’s bird a week challenge.  The bird is centered on the bracelet, and czech polished beads were added for extra bling.

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Drawing Lab 2011: Continuous Line Drawing

Continuous line drawing is unbroken from the beginning to the end. The drawing implement stays in uninterrupted contact with the surface of the paper during the entire length of the drawing . I saw  a  photo of a bulldog  in a magazine and thought it would make a good subject for this assignment:

Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #10 Lemon Tree

Alright, I think this will be the last theme I incorporate citrus in for a while. After getting a late start on this challenge, I will have to do 2-3 a week to catch up and complete the challenge for the year… I can only try.  This theme is called “Lemon Tree”:

I took a photo of a little lemon tree in my front grove.  The gophers almost killed this tree, but it survived, and now produces wonderful lemons.  Anyway,  I had some old photos of my first car and my DH’s first car.  They were by no means “lemons”, but I thought they would look nice hanging off the lemon tree.  I need to work on my photo extraction skills as well as understanding photography in general. I played with some different effects in elements, and finished the collage off with a chainlink overlay from The Scrappin Cop.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day today!!!

Pink Hollow Beads Pendant

Ok, back to jewelry. I get in the mood to make hollow beads from time to time.   And of course, I made pink hollows. The surface is decorated with rubino oro – one of my favorite glass.  I kept it simple and fun by hanging it on an 18″ black leather cord with a sterling clasp. You can find it in my Etsy shop:

Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #47 Mansion

I was going to go numerically through the 100 themes challenge, but I changed my mind :-). This time I worked on #47, “Mansion”.  In keeping with my citrus theme, I took a photo of an oro blanco grapefruit (sooo delicious!) from my grove, and went with that:

Our small town is historically known for it’s citrus groves as well as some very beautiful homes and mansions.  I took the roof, windows, and front porch components from the Morey Mansion.  And here are the rest of the credits:

Background: Irene Alexeeva Designs

Polaroid Overlay:  Shadowhouse Creations

Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #1 Home

Ohhh, I am sooo excited! I found yet another challenge – a digital arts one!  I have been feeling a bit in the doldrums in regards to my digital graphics skills, and this is just what I needed  – a kick in the you know what to get me going.  Basically, the folks at Digital Whisper have come up with 100 themes to challenge participants.  We are to come up with collages relating to that specific theme.  The themes can be tackeled in any order, and there are no set deadlines.  I started with Theme #1 Home:

I live in a small orange/citrus grove, so I used an orange for this challenge. The orange (yosemite gold tangerine to be precise), door, and window are photos I took of our home, and the following are the rest of the credits:

Background & grass:  Irene Alexeeva Designs

Roof: Google image

Butterfly overlay: Vera Lim Designs

Fairy dust overlay: Fall3nangel

This is going to be so much fun!

Art Class Part I

Yesterday, I participated in part I of a two part art class taught by Anneli Pendley.  Anneli is a local artist involved with the Redlands Conservancy.  As part of their fundraiser, she graciously offered the class to interested parties. There were six of us in all, and the day turned out to be fun as well as educational.  We went from learning basic color theory to drawing with chalk. I have never worked with chalk, so it was  a great learning experience for me. Anneli also served a wonderful lunch which we ate out on her sunny patio.   Here is a photo of our little group:

And here are the two drawings I completed:

They are both of local canyons with orange trees to the front.

On Handmade Gifts

I do not often receive handmade gifts. So, when I do, it’s a very special treat. My friend Aki gave me this pendant sometime ago.  She polished it and mounted it in silver all herself. The stone is a velvet obsidian.  I didn’t want to just hang it on a chain or leather cord, so it sat on my bead table until now.  I recently came across a string of black obsidian, and knew it was just the thing.  It’s simple, yet elegant:

Bird A Week Challenge: Week 10/52

I have been wanting to “play” with the free downloadable paper toys from The Toymaker for sometime now.  I stumbled onto this site – literally, at If you want to spend more unnecessary time on the computer check it out (StumbleUpon I mean – it’s addictive!) – thanks Lorin! Anyway, The Toymaker is a site where artist/writer Marilyn Scott-Waters shares her art. She creates the most exquisite paper toys, and anyone can download them.  I downloaded her “Sun Box” and used it as a  base for my bird a week challenge. I made a “Firebird in a Box”.  I think I made the bird too big; you can’t see the full bird, but it’s coming out of the flames. Nevertheless, it was fun to make:

 I’m still working on my photography/digital graphics skills – the box looks a bit washed out, oh well.

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