And Then There Were Three…


Ok, I feel like I’m coming out of the closet… Yes, I am a Blythe doll enthusiast! My DH bought me a new doll for Valentines! I named her Frederica, after his maternal grandmother; Freddie for short.  I am not sure where this latest facination with Blythe dolls will go, or how far it will go… five more dolls? maybe seven to make an even and round 10? We shall see.  As I have said, my family are amused by this :-).  For now, they are interesting, and fun to photograph (they are not camera/blog shy like the family, and don’t dash around all over the place like Koko and Hiro).  And for those of you who are curious, here are some blogs and sites to visit:

This is Blythe

Gina Garan’s Photostream

Mademoiselle Blythe

xoxo, Blythe

These are but a few of the sites dedicated to Blythe.