Drawing Lab 2011: Art Show Blog Hop

We are having an art show blog hop to feature some of the work we have accomplished in our drawing lab thus far.  I joined Jeannie’s Drawing Lab 2011 class a couple of weeks late, so I decided to do the two assignments I missed. I believe the first week was to draw a cat, and the second week, a bird.

When I was young, we had a couple of calico cats:

When we lived in Australia, the Kookaburras were all around us. I think their calls more than anything made me feel that I was in fact, living down under: 


And here is my gallery of some of my favorite work from the drawing lab assignments:

I am really enjoying the drawing lab.  I took oil painting lessons as a child in fourth grade with my then best friend, Linda.  It was only for about a year, but  I have very fond memories of it.

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