Digital Whisper 100 Themes Challenge #61 Cemetery

I was visiting Stefanie  of  Stefanies Sammelsurium blog, and saw a very beautiful photo of the Pere Lachaise Cemetery that she took during her vacation in France.  I thought it would make a beautiful theme for the challenge, and contacted her.  Stefanie was very kind and generous in permitting me to use her photo for this theme:

I did not want to do too much to the photo as it was so beautiful to begin with.   I lived and worked in Paris back in the 80’s , but never happened to visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

 Here are the rest of the credits:

Light Flare:   Auntie M Designs

Elements:  Catherine Designs

Grunge Mask:  Teresabelle Designs


  1. How cool is that! Living in Paris! Wow! So much of your piece whisper’s love and time. We are all Spirits finding our way!

  2. Beautiful. Cemetery & yet it is alive.

  3. A difficult theme, but you have dealt with it very beautifully .. the picture shows peace and tranquility..

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