Croatian Traditional Jewelry

DH just came back from a business trip to Saudi Arabia. He stopped over in Croatia to visit his mother, and brought back some wonderful artisan made replicas of Croatian traditional jewelry.

To the left is a pendant of a coin of the Empress Maria Theresa of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (18th century), and the other is a traditional jewelry from the region of Pokuplje, Dalmatia (17th – 18th century):

Here is a beautiful Southern Dalmatian cross with filigree (16th – 17th century), and a Sestine Heart, for our daughter (19th century):

DH brought these two back several years ago.  A decorative plate from the region of Runovic, Imotski (17th century), and a pendant of Saint Blaise (Vlaho), the Patron Saint of Dalmatia (Renaissance):

They are quite large pieces, but I’ll make an effort to wear them :-).  You can find them here: Hrvatski Tradicijski Nakit.


  1. Those are beautiful pieces! I must admit when I read the title, I expected to see beautiful glass beads, but what a treat these are. They look quite heavy to wear though!
    Thank you for sharing them with us!

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