Scrap Silver

When you make jewelry, you invariably end up with some scrap materials. In my case, I use a lot of sterling silver when making my jewelry. I had no idea what to do with it at first, but two options presented themselves to me. I could either sell it back to the large jewelry supply stores, or I could go to my local friendly neighborhood Gem and Mineral Society. To optimize the use of my silver, I went to the Yucaipa Valley Gem and Mineral Society. There are many things that a member can do at such a society. I have done rock polishing, and taken a few silversmithing classes as well as chain maille classes. With my scrap silver, I took a casting class. I finally got around to finishing one of the rings. I mounted a 12mm cubic zirconia on a 6 prong setting I cast – it’s massive, but fun to wear :-). I have a bunch of rings still waiting to be cleaned and finished. It’s a learning process – you can see the left most cast ring, a steel shot from tumbling was stuck to it, and when it went into the pickle pot, it gave the silver a coppery finish. I kind of like it actually: