Zentangle Challenge #46 “All Hallow’s Eve”

The diva has challenged us with a Halloween themed tangle.  Since today is Halloween, I whipped up a quick tangle, and here it is:

A witches cauldron with magic potion and an enchanted tree 🙂


  1. Ahhh….. good one!!

  2. Spooky! Love it!

  3. OOOO! Spooky!

  4. Love that tree, very spooky. Nice tangle!

  5. Fun drawing for a fun theme – love your background.

  6. Great job! Love the tree!

  7. I can almost hear the scarey music… this really sets a mood. Super tangling!

  8. Eerie feel fits the theme. Nice job.

  9. Ooh, that tree is scary!

  10. Connie Frey says:

    Great! I love it!

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