Zentangle Challenge #45 New Tangle Punzel

Our challenge for this week from the Diva was to use the new tangel Punzel.  At first I found it a bit difficult to draw but after a few tries, I think it came out ok:



  1. I love this! I love the idea of the punzels being ‘trunks’ with things growing out of them. Good work!

  2. Looks like a Punzel party going on here! What fun!

  3. How cool! Love the light, airy and floating feel to this…fun tangle!

  4. Susan Art says:

    This is fun and a very clever idea. Nice work.

  5. Now I’m seeing punzel as the tips of asparagus. Cool!

  6. Very fun tile!

  7. Very whimsical – love your take on it.

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