Tagging Along

DH had a business trip to the State Capital, so I tagged along.  Some sightseeing, shopping, and eating out.  Fun, but I prefer playing tourist with the company of others.  Found some nice quilt shops along the way.  Spent a night in Cambria on the way down home, and even had time to do pebble art – day dreaming of a seaside cottage one day… Came back in time for my Longarm rental day – finished the quilt I started at the retreat!


Quilt Retreat!

I just got back from a fun Quilt Retreat at Vina De Lestonnac.  Round the clock sewing and chatting.  Best part of all, all meals prepared and served – no cleaning up! And, I still marvel at how much a bunch of women can talk all day, and into the wee hours of the night 🙂


Hemet Quilt Show

Some eye candy from the 2016 Hemet Quilt Show hosted by the Valley Quilter’s Guild:

IMG_2603 IMG_2604 IMG_2608 IMG_2609 IMG_2610 IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2613 IMG_2614 IMG_2615 IMG_2616 IMG_2617 IMG_2618 IMG_2619 IMG_2620 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2626

Happy Quilts!

As much as I admire art quilts, I have a preference for utilitarian quilts.  Quilts that can be lovingly used, scrunched up, and washed over and over again.  We hosted our daughters Collegiate Cycling team this weekend, and our quilts were put to good use.  The guys and bikes slept in my Studio surrounded by quilts! I threw in a photo of dear daughter, courtesy of Cycling Illustrated.


A Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are fun to make.  Small, cute, and fast to complete. Kind of an instant gratification quilt.  My friend Muriel has a new grandson, and when I came across this French bunnies fabric, I could not resist 🙂


A Modern Quilt

My very first modern quilt.  Dear Hubby hung curtain rods in my studio – perfect for displaying my latest creation.  And my sweet quilting buddy, Hiro 🙂



Wow, what a great start to a new year! A coupe of months ago, I entered a drawing for a really neat quilt top, Scamp.  Linda Miller has a website, Quilts And Quilt Tops, where she posts all the wonderful tops that she creates.  Linda is not only a very productive and talented quilter, she is also very generous.  When I entered the drawing, I selected “Scamp” as my choice, and as luck would have it, I won! And here is Scamp, a very scrappy hexie quilt top – love it!

ScampYou can visit Linda’s Site, admire all her beautiful quilt tops (they are available for purchase), and enter the next drawing.  Thank you Linda!

More Vintage Quilt Tops

I found this pretty quilt top on Etsy.  It is a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  The seller had it for many years, and decided to part with it.  I like it so much, I think I’ll be keeping this one 🙂



A couple more quilts made of vintage quilt tops.  I find tops that I really really  like, and as I make them into quilts, sometimes they “speak” to me and tell me who they belong to… And now, they are happily in their new homes.  Not the best photos – no quilt holders around, so I precariously stood on a bar stool and did my best:



And some random photos.  Santa stockings for community service, me at Beethoven’s 9th (Disney Concert Hall), and me hiking in Wildwood Canyon:


2015-10-04 13.43.42MOD

2015-10-06 07.20.15MOD

A Quilt For Muriel

I’ve mentioned before that a group of us friends are meeting once a week for painting lessons with a very talented artist friend, Muriel Dolemieux.  I just love her work! it is so colorful and happy!  So, combining my current obsession of quilting, and painting, I thought it would be fun to make Muriel a quilt with her artwork.  It also gave me a chance to try out Spoonflower.  I think it came out beautifully:


And here are some current projects on my table:





My Second Sew Sisters Exchange Quilt Reveal

We had our sixth annual ( second for me) Sew Sisters Quilt Exchange Reveal last month.  Long post, but well worth looking at all the beautiful quilts!



















Vintage Quilt Tops, Made By Someone, Someplace In Time…

I have been on a mission of sorts to adopt/rescue vintage quilt tops.  When I first set eyes on a vintage quilt top, it was love at first sight!  I could just imagine the history behind each and every one… Who pieced it? Where was it made? What did each piece of scrap represent? A baby’s jumper? A daughter’s dress? A son’s shirt? I could go on and on.  And most were pieced by hand, stitch by stitch… A labor of love.

So, after collecting several tops, I set out to finish them and gift them to my sisters; my dear sisters who lovingly care for our aging parents.  I chose to finish them by machine.  Several days of longarm rental later, and many hours of binding, here are the finished quilts ( I took advantage of dear younger son visiting):

My friend Fran gifted me with this cute yellow top:017

I found this Grandmother’s Garden top at our local antique mall, crammed into a plastic bag:020

I saw this cute butterfly top on Ebay and won! Now I want to make a butterfly quilt (Note to self: add to ever growing list):022

And I made one for my mother too – She’s one of us girls, and is very attentive to our father :).  I found this top at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market:015

And I still have several more that are waiting to be finished :).


Ellie’s Row By Row

Our quilt group has been working on our Row By Row quilts for some time now.  I did another row for my dear friend Ellie.  The first one I did was back in March of last year, a winter row.  Ellie’s theme is “Seasons”.  This time, I did a summer row.  There is an order to my madness/messiness… So glad for my studio – now I can spread out and have fun!


I love old vintage campers. Perhaps one day…


And here it is sewn to the other rows:



I hope Ellie likes it.  Now on to finishing my own row by row.