Citrus Belt Quilter’s Show And Share

I have been a member of our local Quilt Guild, The Citrus Belt Quilters for the last two years.  One of the things they do during their monthly meetings is Show And Share.  It’s always fun and amazing to see all the wonderful and creative Quilts everyone makes.  Thus far, I have sat on the sidelines as an onlooker.  But, I decided that it was high time I finally contributed.  This is really big for me since I have an aversion for getting in front of an audience and talking.  And our Guild attendance well exceeds 100! It took me back to my elementary school days when we had Show and Tell sessions.  I was a bit nervous at first, but it turned out just fine.  Somewhere along these many years, I seem to have lost my discomfort in speaking before an audience.  I think it’s age 🙂


The first quilt is based on a block called Quarter-Cut Daisy by Laura West Kong in the book Modern Blocks.  Laura is also a member of our local Quilt Guild. I made a quilt like this for my exchange group, and I liked it so much, I made one for myself.  I added a border on mine.  The second one is  from an old Jo-Ann’s Block of the month kit, Welcome To My Garden, that I picked up at our Guild shop.  Since I am one of the organizers of the shop now, I thought it would be nice to make something from my purchase and encourage others to shop at our store.  I didn’t have the setting kit, so I improvised and put it together my way.  It was the first time I scalloped the edges.  I like how it turned out.







  1. beautiful quilts!! someday In going to make one! (I say that all the time…)
    have a great day

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