Happy Valentine’s Day 2011!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Here is a photo of the Valentine I gave to my DH. A card and a box of See’s chocolate ( what do you give a guy who has everything?). I have had the opportunity to live in many countries as well as another state, and I must say that my favorite chocolate is still See’s.  My daughter and I went and bought this box, gave it to my DH, and then proceeded to polish it off! So, we went back to See’s and bought another pound! – DH noticed the different candy, we confessed, and he just laughed! I’m not sure if I will make my monthly weigh in with WW if I keep this up! 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

Happy 2011!!!  ***Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year!!!***

I also want to share my daughters “paint by numbers” art work. I loved doing them as a child, and now that she is injured with a torn ACL and out for the season, she is finding more sedentary activities to occupy her until rehab/surgery. She knocked it out in two days – I think it looks great 🙂

Happy Holidays!


Christmas Decorating

I have been in a mad rush to decorate the house before my boys come home for winter break. Even at their age, I think they enjoy coming home to a festive holiday environment – my daughter still at home likes it too :-).  It took me two days of on again off again decorating, but I got it done! Here are some photos:

Happy Halloween!!!

I have been having fun with my new Wacom Bamboo pen and pad. Yes, it does look like a kindergartner job:

And here is Koko’s alter ego. Red eyes and all 🙂 :

A Pretty Cake!

Every year, my dear husband and children have baked me a cake for my birthday. This year, it was a one man show since the boys are away at college, and our daughter was out. After a minor mishap of overflowing cake batter and the “wonderful” aroma of burnt cake, this:

Became this:

Isn’t it pretty!

It’s Feeling Like Halloween…

I have been working on some Halloween custom orders. It’s finally starting to feel like the fall holidays are upon us…

Happy Birthday Koko!

Today is Koko’s Birthday – she is 6 years old; middle age in human terms. We have a love/hate relationship with her at times. She joined our family when our children were still young.  A little young for a tiny toy poodle. We went through the gamut of obedience school at our local pet chain store, an in-house canine therapist, and consults with our veterinarian. Koko’s issues seemed to be that she was a tiny little nervous dog who was trying to be “alpha” over us. Well, the solution apparently was to do her a favor and put her at the lower end of the pack, which meant at the time, below our 8-year-old daughter. What finally worked was the “Dog Whisperers’” philosophy. I bought his book and season DVD, and things improved tremendously. She still has her moments, but it is a world better than before. So, happy birthday Koko – we love you, may you live long and grow mellow with age 🙂