Happy Valentine’s Day 2011!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Here is a photo of the Valentine I gave to my DH. A card and a box of See’s chocolate ( what do you give a guy who has everything?). I have had the opportunity to live in many countries as well as another state, and I must say that my favorite chocolate is still See’s.  My daughter and I went and bought this box, gave it to my DH, and then proceeded to polish it off! So, we went back to See’s and bought another pound! – DH noticed the different candy, we confessed, and he just laughed! I’m not sure if I will make my monthly weigh in with WW if I keep this up! 🙂


  1. That’s so funny!! I can see me and my girls doing the same thing!!

  2. OH LOL – We discovered See’s when my Dad ( who lives in San Diego) sent us some. Thinking it was just another box of candy we brought it down to my in laws at Thanksgiving. Well of course once you taste and you realize how fantastic it is. My brother in law went home that night and overnighted himself the 4-5 lb sampler!!! I think the shipping cost around 50 dollars!!! It’s my absolute favorite chocolate!!!

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