Happy Birthday Koko!

Today is Koko’s Birthday – she is 6 years old; middle age in human terms. We have a love/hate relationship with her at times. She joined our family when our children were still young.  A little young for a tiny toy poodle. We went through the gamut of obedience school at our local pet chain store, an in-house canine therapist, and consults with our veterinarian. Koko’s issues seemed to be that she was a tiny little nervous dog who was trying to be “alpha” over us. Well, the solution apparently was to do her a favor and put her at the lower end of the pack, which meant at the time, below our 8-year-old daughter. What finally worked was the “Dog Whisperers’” philosophy. I bought his book and season DVD, and things improved tremendously. She still has her moments, but it is a world better than before. So, happy birthday Koko – we love you, may you live long and grow mellow with age 🙂

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