April 2013 Garden Part 2

I know I blogged about my garden already this month. But, after my gardener did his MAJOR clean up of our front/back yard and groves, I was inspired to plant some flowers in the front garden.  I planted gerbera daisies, gazanias, tea tree plant, calla lilies, and a daisy bush. Some areas of the garden, it is a constant battle with the gophers and raccoons.  Hopefully, some of these flowers will take and proliferate.  Every year, I find myself getting slower and slower in the garden. And when the sun breaks out, I’m pretty much done – it is already getting kind of hot around here.

April2013Garden2_1 April2013Garden2_2 April2013Garden2_3 April2013Garden2_4 April2013Garden2_5

I’ve included this photo of my Easter decorations. Sometimes, I stop in my tracks, get distracted by something else, and put off what was at task. They are gathered on my dining table. Here they are, chatting and partying before I get around to putting them away in boxes for storage until next year:


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