Handmade Dress…

Well, I finally finished the dress for my daughter…  I have always considered myself a pretty competent seamstress, but I guess it had been quite a few years since I actually sewed an article of clothing.  The execution was good, but I was way off on the dress size.  I should have known better, my daughter wears a size 5/6, but after measuring her, I sewed a size 12 dress! Needless to say, it came out VERY big. My engineering mind told me to go with the numbers – numbers don’t lie.  But something went awfully wrong.  Not a total loss, I took the scraps and made my Blythe doll Blue, a skirt:

Good thing – My daughter and I went with a friend and her daughter to the LA Fashion District for a Prom dress, so we are covered :-).

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