A Boy And His Car

Sometimes crappy things happen… Dear younger son had his car stolen off the street near his apartment the other day.  This dear little car was handed down from his three older cousins, who owned it in succession.  It had seen better days, but was in amazing shape and well loved.  He took possession of it in High School.  It went with him to college.  Always very reliable, and younger son added his dings and marks to it.  Then he took it up to the Bay Area on his “adventure”…  And the other day, someone drove away with it.  I just don’t get how some people can do such things.  If it was a careless theft, I hope your mother is proud of you, I wouldn’t be.  And if it was someone in dire straits, I hope the car serves your needs – please take good care of it…

AndreasCar2015As dear hubby always says, life is good :).


  1. What a shame. I’m sorry for your son’s car loss. Love the flashback photos though!

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