Valentine Swap

I mentioned earlier that I was involved in a Valentine Swap.  It was hosted by Viv over at Viv Out On A Whim – Thank you Viv!  And I was partnered with a most talented mixed media artist, Cheryl over at Artsy Fartsy.  Cheryl sent me lots of goodies, including a bunch of caramel kisses! And I especially like the cupid tag she made using her husbands great-great-great grandfathers vintage photo as cupid! 🙂  Thank you Cheryl!

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For whatever reason, this time of year, I seem to need some kind of spiritual connection.  Possibly the end of a hectic holiday season, and the departure of my children back to their respective lives?  I found myself feeling really empty after everyone left, and I was putting away Christmas decorations by myself.  So, the following weekend, I took myself and dear hubby to our church.  There, I had the opportunity to reach in a basket and select my word for the year – “Balance”.  Somehow, it seems very appropriate…

In my never ending quest for good health, and simply to try and stay out of Medical offices, I joined a local hiking group.  We have been hiking the hills surrounding our town and a neighboring one.  The views are breathtaking, the hills are green, and hiking is becoming addictive!

And to get my “Crafty” back on, I joined a Valentine swap.  It’s fun making things for someone, and it’s also fun to make things to decorate around the house.  I don’t have much in the way of Valentine decorations, so I made a heart ornament and a heart box for myself too.  The box top is made using a copy of a vintage card I purchased.  Under the girl’s skirt is a place to dab some perfume.  Amazing the ideas they came up with back in the day: